2008 Christian Writer’s Conference – Kansas City

Whether you write devotionals, Christian articles, books, Bible studies, curriculum, or online material there was a workshop for you at this year’s Christian writer’s conference in Kansas City sponsored by HACWN (Heart of America Christian Writer’s Network). Mark and Jeanette … Continue reading

Mission Trips – More Than a Religous Vacation

“Wouldn’t it be better to give all that money to a missionary instead of taking a mission trip?” This quote, in a nutshell, sums up a lot of the logic regarding arguments against mission trips.  To be honest it’s hard … Continue reading

What do Moses, Monkeys, and Mastiff’s Have In Common? (Think Charlton Heston)

What do Moses, Monkeys, and Mastiffs have in common? They were all in movies starring Charlton Heston or at least Heston’s voice. Heston died at 84 this week and left us a rich heritage of film work.  Among other characters, … Continue reading