Northland Bands in Gladstone Parade

Bands from all four North Kansas City schools were well represented in Gladstone’s Gladfest parade.  The Antioch Middle School Orchestra also made an appearance. All the bands did a great job! Below are pics of all the bands – I … Continue reading

Best Pray of the Game

The game ended with a few desperation plays.  A long pass was thrown for a touchdown by Belton.  They also had scored one time previously in the second half.  Oak Park had some great passing and running plays.  But in … Continue reading

Gladstone, MO Tornado – Images, Red Cross, Church Help

This storm roared through Gladstone, MO early Friday Morning (May 2) around 2:00am.  It was truly amazing that no one was critically injured as it took everyone by surprise.  Many people I talked to slept through the storm or woke up … Continue reading