A Tale of Two Sinners (thoughts on the church and homosexuality)

“I am an alcoholic and have been for years.  I need to get sober.  Because of my drinking, I’ve recently become homeless.  I’ve lost my car, I’m about to lose my job, and my girlfriend is threatening to leave me.  … Continue reading

Monday Musings

(random thoughts, unedited, probably long, a way I debrief from the weekend, thinking out loud, sometimes gets me into trouble) Grace Fellowship (and Easter!) I’m anticipating the Easter season – for so many reasons: personally (to worship Jesus and celebrate … Continue reading

Lessons for the Church from Brad Pitt and Moneyball (Part II)

Put yourself in the shoes of a pastor. Jesus has given you the command to “make disciples”.  This is also the general mission to His original disciples, to every Christian, and to the local church (which you are responsible to … Continue reading

Lessons for the Church from Brad Pitt and Moneyball (part 1)

Can the church learn anything from baseball?  The recent movie, “Moneyball”, gives us a few points to ponder. The question in this movie is “how to win ballgames” with a very limited payroll budget. Moneyball depicts how the Oakland A’s … Continue reading

Pastors – A Lesson on Enthusiasm from Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh, upon being selected as the new head coach for Stanford in 2006 (now with the 49’ers), made this statement: “I vow I will attack this endeavor with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.” I love it!  At heart I love … Continue reading