“Jesus Everyday” – New Sermon Series


Have you seen those little rectangular pill boxes? The ones with the initial for the day on the top of each box. That little box kind of reminds me of our next sermons series, “Jesus Everyday”.

You see – that pill box helps remind us to take prescribed medication on a daily basis. If we get busy with work, kids, problems, etc and can’t remember if we’ve taken our meds – just look at the box and you know if you’ve taken your pill. Why? Because taking prescription medication is important to do every day if it’s been prescribed that way. Through work, sleep, play, doing chores, paying bills, etc it’s important to make sure the medicine is doing it’s work. It’s oblivious to our busy lives and memory lapses, if not taken it doesn’t work.

It’s kind of a strange comparison and don’t get the wrong idea – I’m not suggesting Jesus is a drug or a pill we pop in time of need; but Jesus is interested in every aspect of our daily lives. He has something to say about our work, relationships, family, finances, hobbies, feelings, goals, sex-life, desires, friendships and more. ┬áHe wants us to include him in our daily lives.

The real key though, is do we give him access to every aspect of our life. Or do we relegate him to our worship, our devotional times, our time with our small group; and while not intentional – we put him on the shelf the rest of the time.

This Sunday we will begin to explore what Jesus has to say about everyday living in the “Jesus Everyday” series.

Hope to see you Sunday!


“Jesus Everyday” – New Sermon Series — 47 Comments

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