New Message Series, “A Faith to Live By” – James

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Dear Grace Fellowship family and friends,

What would you say is the greatest need in the church today?

  • Better worship?
  • Concern for our political leaders?
  • Passion for the Gospel and for souls?
  • To be more friendly?
  • Better youth programs?
  • More emphasis on the glory of God?
  • Better adult programs?

If we took a straw poll, the opinions would be all over the map.  But I must agree with one of my favorite authors, Warren Wiersbe, when it comes to this question and say that one of the greatest needs in church today is the need for spiritual maturity.

Listen to what Mr. Wiersbe says from his book, Be Mature:

“…I am convinced that spiritual immaturity is the number one problem in our churches. God is looking for mature men and women to carry on His work, and sometimes all He can find are little children who cannot even get along with each other.”

Yikes! Sounds pretty harsh!  However, isn’t the entire Christian life about growing in our spiritual maturity? Sure it is; thus, it makes sense that people are all at different levels of maturity.  There are new believers, adolescent believers, and seasoned believers. It makes sense that all levels of maturity will be represented in the church. But, the key is that we are all moving forwards in spiritual growth and not staying at the same level.

Healthy, mature believers are essential for a church (including ours) to achieve the mission God has for us.  To make disciples it takes mature believers to…

  • Share Jesus with friends and acquaintances
  • Teach the Bible to every age – small children, students, and adults
  • Lead the congregation in worship
  • Shepherd and care for one another
  • Deal with conflict humbly and biblically
  • Guard against false doctrine
  • Build up the local church spiritually
  • Pray effectively
  • And more…

God wants his children to grow up into spiritually mature people!

This Sunday we start a new message series in the book of James.  A large emphasis in this book is what characterizes a mature Christian.  It deals with the theme of living our Faith practically every day.

I’m looking forward to learning with you what James says about spiritual maturity in the coming weeks and through this Summer.

See you Sunday!


New Message Series, “A Faith to Live By” – James — 34 Comments

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