I love Wed nights at GF…

Dear GF Family,

I WISH you could see what I get to see each Wednesday night!  Since most of you are either in a class or committed to a particular room, here’s a glimpse of the overall picture last night…

  • Maddie Reeves teaching the T &T kids about the nature of God (trinity) and using an egg as an illustration.  All the kids (14 of them) were looking up verses and holding their hands up to share.
  • Myrna Eisenlauer teaching the Sparkies about the Tabernacle.  They were all huddled around her on the floor listening attentively.
  • Phil Kinnison leading the kids in some fun AWANA games.  MAN!  Those kids have energy…and fun.
  • 4th and 5th grade boys and girls learning verses from their starter books.  I got to listen to some of their verses and sign off on them.
  • I walked by the G3 student ministry and heard teens learning the Word of God (and also participating in a vicious game of ping pong).
  • The adult class was getting set up to learn another lesson from “The Story” (a comprehensive series about the key themes in the Bible).
  • I got to lead the AWANA opening with pledges, friend recognition, and a song…yes, I helped lead the opening song with hand motions.  I love seeing the Cubbies up front doing all the hand motions. Andand yes, people were laughing at me doing the hand motions! (which I’m sure is more hilarious than I know.)

Of course there are things I’m leaving out:  Puggles was happening, there were babies in the nursery, food was prepared and served.

I left last night with a full heart of what God is doing at our church.  I’m so thankful to the Lord Jesus for each of you who serve Him weekly on Wednesday, Sunday, and on other days in other ways.

Let’s keep looking to Him, seeking Him, serving Him, and growing together as a church for Him.  He is doing a great work and we get to be a part of it!

With Gratefulness,

Pastor Shawn


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