A Walk to Remember…

Certain “walks” in life are impossible to forget – walking your child to school on the first day; a walk down an aisle for a wedding; a walk to a new job.

I had such a walk last night.  It was a walk through our church building during the hustle and bustle of our first Wednesday night for the fall.  I realized the significance of this night as I walked past the nursery and heard our Puggle’s leaders enthusiastically sharing a Bible verse with our little ones.  It dawned on me at that pause before the door that this was happening all throughout our building.   The thing people had prayed for even before we started the church were happening.  People from our sponsoring church had prayed for a year before our first service for God to start a new work in this part of town. We at Grace Fellowship had prayed for the Lord to do a work; and on this night prayers were being answered.

From that stop by the nursery I walked to the registration table where our leaders were still trying to catch up from all the new sign-ups (Praise the Lord!)  While standing there visiting with the leaders, I poked my head in the adult class where “The Story” was being taught.  Pastor Jake was teaching from Genesis about “the fall.”  There were brand new people in the class as well as many regular GF friends.

Next was a walk to the fellowship hall for AWANA game time.  Kids were running, laughing, pulling ropes, and tossing bean bags.  Who says ministry can’t be fun!  The leaders were doing a great job and my heart was further gladdened.

On the way up the stairs I stopped by the Financial Peace University class.  There were a dozen people crammed in my office watching the FPU videos and learning how to be better stewards of the money God has given them.  Harold Herr was leading them.

Next stop was the youth room.  It was full of 20+, highly energetic teenagers.  Shane and Monique were getting the year started off and going to introduce a study of “The Life of Christ.”  Oh…and there were some furious air hockey and ping pong games going on (I’m going to get in one of those soon)!

The walk also included a stop by the Cubbies, T&T, and Spark’s rooms where similar activities and learning were going on.  In each place leaders were leading; learners were learning; there was a mixture of fun, fellowship, and absorbing the Word of God.

Of course, the walk originally began in the kitchen where a crew of four or five led by Peggy Myers fixing food for the GF “Dollar Value Meal” – which tasted great.  The stroll to the eating area showed tables full of people getting ready for the night of ministry.

It is a rare privilege to be a part of something new God is doing to spread the message of His Son to a new area.  I am so thankful to know of and be a part of a group of people so committed to following Him and doing his will.

To Christ be the credit and glory!

“This became known both to all Jews and Greeks dwelling in Ephesus; and fear fell on them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified.” (Act 19:17 NKJ)





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