Top 10 Vacation Observations

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Top 10 Vacation Observations – Barr’s week at Lake of the Ozarks

1)      Catfish Stings – A 3lb catfish can inflict a serious thumb wound! The fin was in so far that I had to jerk the whole fish to get it out.  Yeah…lots of blood and a grown man whimpering like a baby.

2)      Beard – My dream of growing a “Civil War General” type of beard is probably washed up.  A week of scraggly growth isn’t a good sign I’ll be able to do that.

3)      Slooooow Down – For some reason when  we get within about 50 miles of Lake-of-the-Ozarks I become around 50% more relaxed.  It must be a “Southern” thing. Love the “pace” at the lake.

4)      Church on Vacation – Always check the website of the church you’re going to visit insure they aren’t doing something special offsite that day.  Yup – showed up to church; but no church was visible (combined offsite services at the local school.)

5)      Cleaning Fish – The older I get the more I like catch and release (and I would consider myself an expert fish cleaner having started when I was like 7 years old.) Although, I can’t resist a good mess of pan-fried fish!

6)      Lake Sunsets – God’s creation takes on a different perspective in lake country.

7)      Living in Swimwear – why can’t we do this all the time? Oh yeah, two words – “Iowa Winters!”

8)      Family – Love spending time with my beautiful wife and kids (missed the boys!)  My girls are still giggly, funny little girls on vacation (even though they’re both old enough to vote).  Delana and I need more times like this – enjoyed sleeping on the hide-a-bed with her. How did we end up on the hide-a-bed? Still trying to figure that out.

9)      Spiders – Lake country spiders are 1000% more prolific and live 4 times as long as spiders in other places.

10)   Grace Fellowship – missed our GF friends and family! It’s always so weird to not worship with your own church.  Thankful to the Lord for GF!


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