Monday Musings

monday musings

(random thoughts, unedited, probably long, a way I debrief from the weekend, thinking out loud, sometimes gets me into trouble)

Grace Fellowship (and Easter!)

  • I’m anticipating the Easter season – for so many reasons: personally (to worship Jesus and celebrate his resurrection), our church (to celebrate with my brothers and sisters in Christ), outreach (people are very open to the Gospel this time of year).
  • I’m NOT anticipating the Polar Plunge I committed to if our church meets the goal of  125 bags of candy for Easter (!)
  • Food Pantry this Sunday evening.  One of my favorite ministries.  I wonder what it would look like if we offered a low-cost “community meal” each food pantry night.  That we could participate in as a church.  We could eat, visit, and pray for guests who come and have the food pantry open afterwards (just thinking out loud.)
  • IGNITE – 10 of us will be going to the Ignite Youth Conf at Grace Church.  Excited for that.

Ministry, Thinking and Writing (thoughts bouncing around my brain, and future writing ideas)

  • Missional Living – Read an article today about “why Christians don’t living missional lives” (Josh Cousineau on Ed Stetzer’s blog). I would agree with him that most Christians don’t live missional lives; but disagree on the reasons.  This is a topic close to my heart. Definitely going to write on this topic soon (or write more soon – the recent moneyball posts relate to it).
  • “Making the Honeymoon Last” – a possible title for the book I’m writing.  It’s a parable to help pastors who are “new” to a church.  Been working on it off and on for 3 years.  Need to get it wrapped up by August or so.
  • Reformed theology is so, so , so popular right now.  It seems if you are reformed, you have a genetic need to write a book every 6 months. Christian bookshelves and bestseller lists are full of books by authors of that theological persuasion. I don’t notice this among those in other theological circles (?)  I see a need for a book or series of blog articles addressing a more moderate view; upholding important themes of the Reformation (sola scriptura, sola Christus, sola fide, etc), but examining other tenets with a more critical eye – especially the long-term effect on evangelism. (There are a few out there, I might just do a review on a couple.  PS – I have many, many reformed and Calvinistic friends – and appreciate them and many of the doctrines.  This would be a thoughtful look at the reformed positions in general and perhaps another view which could help the evangelical movement).
  • New topic – “What is the biggest need in the Christian world today?”  This has been on my mind a LOT.  Is it to show more love?  Is it to understand better what “worship” is?  Is it a greater emphasis on living a Gospel-centered life? (I wish it was that one).  What I think may sound unoriginal, pious, or even boring to some.  I believe it is for Christians to have a better understanding of the Biblical text in all of its contexts (historical, grammatical, literary, etc.)  Everything we know about God, his purpose for the church, his desires for our lives flows from the text – guided by the Spirit.  I hear and read many statements that sound spiritual, but lack proper biblical support. Yes – I think there is a need here.
    • Example:  Listened to a 3 minute clip from Driscoll recently where he was “angry” at some Pastors.  He made the comment that, “If you don’t open the Bible for the right reason, to know Jesus, he will oppose you in everything you do.” Hmmm.  Really?  First of all, he had no scriptural support for this statement.  Second, there are many valid reasons to open the Bible (to know God’s Word, to learn about God, to understand God’s purposes, to seek comfort while grieving, to learn doctrine, and yes – of course, at all costs, to meet with Jesus.)
    • The statement that Jesus will “oppose a preacher in everything he does” if he doesn’t open the Bible for just the right reason just doesn’t hold water.  Yes, the Bible should be opened for correct reasons, but this statement is just an opinon.  In fact, Paul even said he rejoiced when Christ was preached “out of envy and strife” (Phil 1:15).
    • I constantly read statements like that which are just troubling. (Oh yeah, the Phil 1:15 reference is probably out of context; thus supporting my very point.)


  • Tiger – I’m glad he won over the weekend.  Yes, he’s been done some stupid, hurtful things to his family.  Yes, he gets angry on the course (It’s golf!).  But he’s the best player who has ever lived and I enjoy following his career.  I also prayed for him today – that he would find Christ, and that his family situation would improve.
  • ISU – Good to see them get their 21st win.  Should be a lock in the NCAA tourney. They’ve played strong down the stretch and will be tough during the Big 12 tournament and NCAA. I hope we get to play KU again.

Home Life

  • Can’t wait for our girls to be home on spring break (1 week!)
  • Can’t wait for Eric’s leave in April (from the USMC.)
  • Flu – yuk, grrr, ugghh. We’ve been bit.
  • Lowering the price on our home yet again today.  Appreciate all the prayers for a resolution in that arena!


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