Using Your Hobby for Evangelism

I like to mess with coins.  Am I a collector?  Not really.  I just enjoy messing around with them.   I buy and sell a few and keep a few that I especially enjoy.

Last year I got the idea to combine this hobby with my passion for telling others about Christ.  So I wrote a tract that incorporated some info about the Mercury Dime AND with each one I actually include a real example of one.

Below is what the tract looks like and the text which is inside.  Any hobby can be used for evangelism if you get creative. 

I’d enjoy hearing from you on how you use your hobby to share the Good News.




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Using Your Hobby for Evangelism — 33 Comments

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  31. Great idea. It seems that my father-in-law was always taking folks out with him fishing. One thing is they are a bit of a captive audiance in the boat! He had a gentle and loving way about him that really helped a lot of these friends to understand his faith.

  32. That is so cool! I am a coin collector as well. Like you, I am just someone who dabbles in it. Since I have had kids, I haven’t had much time to play with my collection. I hope one or all of my kids will someday want to work on it together.

    But, I really like your idea of using this hobby as an outreach!

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