What Makes You Sing – Psalm 32


“…You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.” Psalm 32:7

The ancient Hebrews sang when the Lord would deliver them from difficult events or enemies.  They sang a lavish song of praise and Miriam’s women danced in celebration when He rescued them from Pharaoh and brought them through the Red Sea (Ex. 15). 

David teaches us to praise God for something even greater than physical deliverance. He praises the Lord for deliverance from sin.  Of all the needs we have as humans, being forgiven of sin and becoming reconciled to God is our greatest.  The Psalm says that when God delivers us, we shall be surrounded by “songs of deliverance.” 

David doesn’t say who will be singing these songs which surround us; but in Revelation we see angelic creatures singing.  As they watch God redeem His creation, they sing songs of deliverance rejoicing that God is faithful, has reconciled us to Himself, and has rescued us from the penalty of sin and death. 

Now that is something to sing about.

Lord, Thank you for delivering me from the penalty of sin through your Son Jesus Christ.  Teach me how to celebrate my deliverance. Help me tell someone today that they too can be set free.  Amen.


What Makes You Sing – Psalm 32 — 2 Comments

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  2. Being surrounded is not always a bad thing, some times God surrounds those that have surrounded us. I am reminded of the prayer of Elisha, “Open his eyes that he might see the great army.”


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