Cheapest Gas in the World…? — 34 Comments

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  31. Hey, I recently saw an anti-Bush bumber sticker that said “When Bush took office, gas was $1.48.” I guess that had more impact when gas was around $4. A little less since I paid $1.43 last time I filled up. I wonder if he will get any credit for the price falling as he got blame for its rise. (Of course, neither is true, but if one is, so should be the other.)

  32. It is called supply and demand. It happens in free markets. I know we may not be used to that in the socialist direction this country has taken. But when demand is low and supply high, the price of the commodity comes down. We are the monkeys with the darts. A billion transactions and decisions being made worldwide. I know you were being facetious, but too many of us seem to have a total ignorance of market forces any more. That number does not include you, I know.

    Did you just call me a monkey? 🙂

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