Men’s Activity – 2008 Missions Conf.

 Over a hundred men and their sons ate and prayed at our men’s activity.  It was a great night of fellowship, food and prayer.

We met at one of our Deacon’s homes – in the city, but a small 50 acre farm.  We first of all had some excellent barbecue.  We then took turns on a hayride which transported us to the back of the farm.  Once there we went in groups on a prayer walk through the woods.  There were several stations that had posters with each of our missionaries names and their respective countries.  Each poster had several requests for us to pray for.

Back at the bonfire each missionary shared a little about their field and we gatherered around them to pray with Pastor Bob wrapping up the session.

It was a perfect way to spend some time with these men doing Christ’s work around the world.  And of course, being a Baptist gathering, we had plenty of good food also!

  (Pastor Bob chatting to one of our Deacons, Kevin Phillips.)

 (Pastor Todd giving us some instructions for the evening.) 

(The food line – we devoured 80lbs of Brisket and 100 hotdogs)

(Missionary David Liles sharing a challenge.)

(Prayer Walking)


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