Best Pray of the Game

The game ended with a few desperation plays.  A long pass was thrown for a touchdown by Belton.  They also had scored one time previously in the second half.  Oak Park had some great passing and running plays.  But in the end Oak Park prevailed after leading all of the game.

The best play came at the end.

The majority of both teams met at the center of the field.  It appeared to be a meeting of opponents to say the typical, “good game.”  However, once there they dropped to their knees.  One of the players stayed standing and prayed.

Here were two teams that had just toughed it out for 4 quarters.  They each had penalties called on each other.  I’m sure there were times it got heated and words were said.  I’m sure I saw a couple of late hits.  But in the end they were able to put those things aside and pray to God with each other.

It was spine chilling to watch.

There’s something right going on in America.

(Game was September 5, 2008.  OP 30, Belton 12)

(Credit to Carolyn Hewitt for the pictures)


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  24. Awesome!!! Between seeing this picture of the football teams, reading about it, and being introduced to Sarah Palin this week…. I agree….
    There IS something right going on in America!!!

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