Cooley Lake – Clay County

Where:  Cooley Lake ( (link to Missouri Dept of Conservation map and area summary)

County:  Clay County

Closest Town:  Missouri City

When: June 25, 2008

What:  Stopped here briefly on our way home from Mark Twain Lake.  I wanted to scout Cooley for a future kayaking and fishing trip.  We quickly saw that kayaking this lake would be difficult until the lily pads were gone.  It is a very shallow, oxbow lake filled with vegetation.  I’m sure that bird watching is great during migratory times.  There may also be a few fish in the deeper portions of the lake.  There’s a wooded hillside on the North end of the area.  I’ve hunted mushrooms there in the past.  Lewis and Clark would have made their way through this former loop of the Missouri river.  There’s a marker indicating such – unfortunately someone thought the sign would be a good target. When the fall comes, I may return with my kayak and fishing rod.  Just to say I’ve kayaked this lake – of course my daughters think I’m crazy for wanting to kayak here.  But making my teenage daughters think I’m crazy is a park of my job description these days.  I enjoy it.


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