Kendzora Conservation Area and Lake – Platte County

Where:  Kendzora Conservation Area and Lake ( (link to Missouri Dept of Conservation map and area summary)

County:  Platte and Buchanan County

Closest Town:  Edgerton

When: May 27, 2008

What:  Spent the day kayak fishing on this 35 acre lake.  Caught about 12 largmouth bass, 1 crappie, a bluegill, and a catfish.  The largest bass was about 2.5 pounds and the catfish 3 pounds.  Released all but 4 of the bass. I had my line break twice on bigger fish.  I was using a bobber and minnow most of the time. This is a great lake if you have a canoe or kayak as it doesn’t allow motors.  It’s small enough that you can get around easily.  There are a lot of standing trees on the east side and a few small coves if it get’s too windy.  The North end of the lake is very shallow – 1 ft to 3 ft deep.  There are two parking areas, but both are quite a ways from the lake.  I parked below the dam and hauled my kayak up the bank.  There’s a small walkway on the west end of they dam you can see from the road.


Kendzora Conservation Area and Lake – Platte County — 34 Comments

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